Technology is ever evolving, and we like to keep up to date at New Forest Designs. We’ve recently installed some smart lighting in our showroom to help our customers understand how smart technology can be used in their home.


What does a smart home look like?


A smart home has technology connected to Wifi, it can provide a few benefits to our ever increasing busy lives! A huge benefit is control, you can control everything via an app or a voice controlled device like Alexa, you can create routines and automate different functions.

We want to give you a little insight into the benefits of setting up a smart home with products available at New Forest Designs:


ALEXA in the kitchen


Alexa is a great tool to have in the kitchen, we like to use it to set a timer for items in the oven (much easier to say “Alexa, set a timer for 20 minutes” than fiddle around with the oven!).

We also use to set reminders to put food in the oven, say for example you are cooking pizza and chips, the pizza takes 12 minutes but the chips take 20 minutes, instead of having to remember to put the items in we simply say “Alexa, set a reminder for 8 minutes for pizza”.

You can also add items to your Ocado shopping list, order from amazon pantry, get recipes… or just simply use it for music or catching up on the days news.




With smart lighting, such as Philips Hue, you can control your lights from anywhere! Left home in a rush and not sure if you turned the lights off? Not a problem, you can check the app on your phone!
Going away on holiday? Set up lights to come on at a random time (within 15 to 60 minutes of a set time). You can also set up lots of other routines to include turning lights on when you get home, turning all lights off when you leave, fading lights in or out to help wake you up or go to sleep.

Installing a motion sensor with your lights will mean they only turn on when someone is in the room! Need a late night drink? Set times to when dimmed lights will turn on rather than full brightness so you don’t wake the whole house up.

You can also choose the colour of your bulb, from colour changing to different shades of white (bulb dependant) to create ambient lighting.

The Philips LightStrips are a great way add light to your kitchen, from under cabinet lighting, lighting under a worktop or breakfast bar or even shelves.





The new Samsung smart oven is full of features! Not only can you divide the oven and cook at two different temperatures, you can also divide the door ensuring all the heat in the bottom oven doesn’t escape perfect for cooking Yorkshire puddings for your Sunday roast, or your pizza and chips which inevitably always require cooking at different temperatures! Only cooking something small? Don’t heat up the whole oven and waste energy, you can heat up just one half!



The Samsung Cooking Guide recommends the optimal cooking mode for a dish, even for simultaneous cooking in the top and bottom half of the oven. MyRecipe lets you save how cooked your favourite meals, so they’re easy to make again. Scrapbook stores your recipes, so they are easy to access.



Save time and do much more with Wi-Fi Connectivity. Simply monitor and control the oven anytime, anywhere using an App*. You can preheat the oven or turn it off. You can also check and adjust the cooking temperature and time or quickly select pre-programmed settings. And it helps you fix errors!


Our favourite feature of our oven… Pyrolytic cleaning. Keep the inside of your oven neat and clean without wasting time and effort scrubbing or using costly cleaning products. A Pyrolytic Cleaning* system heats the cavity to burn off any grease and residue left from cooking. Everywhere is left completely spotless with only a few ashes to wipe away.

All these features can be seen on our NV75N7677RS oven in our Fordingbridge showroom.